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What's one of the best ways to learn? Make a game out of it! Take a complicated subject like programming logic and put it into a fun and easy-to-learn game! We have tons of ways to do that here at Reboot Labs.

Phishing Detect


Who doesn't like building things? What if that structure could walk around? Talk? Find out by building it yourself! Use pre-built sets or build from scratch. Input commands and take control of your creation.

Smart Scan


Want to learn how circuit boards work? How does a radio work? Can I build my own radio? The answer is YES! At Reboot Labs we will offer classes on how to do just that and many other different types of projects.

Learning Through Fun

It doesn't have to be all classrooms, tests, skill assessments and grades. We learn best when we're having fun. It leaves a lasting impact on us that informs our decisions as we move through life. We can help you and your kids build that type of foundation all while learning something incredibly cool! Come down and see our showroom of all the great stuff we have to show!

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Robotics & Circuitry

Too often in life we take things we use in every day life for granted. How does your phone work? Who thinks of this stuff? Guess what... You can learn how all of that works. Everyone starts the same way: The Basics. We offer a multitude of different games, building kits, and tools for learning Robotics & how circuits work. I mean, check out that Robot. He's pretty cool.

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We are just starting out, but we would love for you to come down and see our space in Downtown Fort Wayne showcasing all we have to offer. Open from 12:00pm - 6:00pm.

  • Showroom Hours : 12:00pm - 6:00pm Mon-Fri
  • Phone : 260-969-6907
  • Address : 528 West Berry St | Fort Wayne, IN | 46802